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What Happens After Requesting to Start a Project

When an airplane is donated that is within your geographical area and meets your needs, we will contact you with the donor’s contact information.  After you speak with the donor and ask any questions you might have about the aircraft, let Build A Plane know whether or not you want to proceed with the donation. If you do want the aircraft, we will then send you and the donor the appropriate paperwork with instructions to sign and return a copy to Build A Plane. It is the school’s responsibility to make the arrangements to transport the aircraft to your school or organization. It is also the school’s responsibility to cover the cost of transportation.

Because Build A Plane relies solely on donated airplanes, we never know when an aircraft or particular type of aircraft will be donated. It could be a few weeks, a few months or a few years.

You can help Build A Plane locate an aircraft for your project by sending out a press release to your local newspaper and a post on social media about your school starting a Build A Plane project and need for an airplane.  Include the information that an aircraft donated to Build A Plane is tax deductible. Build A Plane will also promote your need for an airplane on our social media and in our monthly e-newsletter. Also, check with your local small airport.  Often they will have a derelict plane or two that has been sitting around for years.  Get the tail number of any such airplanes and you can go to the FAA website and look up the owner information by entering the tail number.  You can also send us the tail number and we can look up the owner and contact them about a possible donation.

It is our goal to match your school with your desired aircraft as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Build A Plane.  Click here to complete our online application.

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