Project Requests

Schools and Organizations Requesting to Start a Build A Plane Project

(More Schools to be Listed Soon)


Oxnard - Channel Islands High School requests any type of aluminum aircraft to perform sheet metal and fabrication work on. Will be used for demonstration purposes for students to experience the field of aviation maintenance.

Pleasaton - Aviation Explore Post #997 requests an aluminum aircraft for youth members to build or rebuild.

San Fernando - Vaughn Next Century Learning Center requests any type of airplane to build or rebuild for a capstone engineering class composed of students who have completed the aerospace course.


Boynton Beach - Boynton Beach Community High School requests any type of aircraft for maintenance and flight training for Title 1 high school aviation students.


Appleton - Inspiration Aviation Ministries requests a light sport aircraft or kit. Once built the plane will be used for tailwheel and back country instruction in Maine. This is a youth ministry (ages 14-20) aviation group.


Lanham - Duval High School Aviation requests a small jet for students education leading to FAA Certification in Aviation Mechanics.


Alanson - Alanson Public Schools: High School Aviation Program requests a fabric or certified aircraft to rebuild and once finished to use for flight instruction. This is a new aviation program conducted at Pellston Regional Airport.

New Mexico

Santa Fe - St. John’s College requests a simple aircraft like a Piper Cub or incomplete plane kit for the school’s aviation education club.  Build or restoration should require no more than 60 hours and cost no more than $1,000.

North Carolina

Biscoe - East Montgomery High School AF JROTC requests any type of aircraft for educational training and static display.


Steubenville - Steubenville High School requests a wooden fabric aircraft for aerospace/engineering students to gain a better understanding of flight by constructing various parts of an airplane.


Springfield - Willamette Leadership Academy requests an aluminum aircraft to provide hands on learning for a high school aviation class. The aviation class is a core part of this military style high school.  A Build A Plane project will students to move from the academic classroom to the real world of aviation.

South Carolina

Summerton - Scott’s Branch Middle School requests a fabric or aluminum aircraft for rebuild to introduce students to aviation and aviation careers.


  Grand Prairie - Youth Missions Aviation Academy requests a light sport aircraft for flight training for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Civil Air Patrol and EAA Young Eagles (ages 14-20).

San Antonio - Southside High School request an aluminum or any type of aircraft as a training aide for the school’s new Aircraft Technology class. We will disassemble and reassemble the aircraft while learning each component.


Vancouver - Pearson Field Education Center requests an airplane from the Golden Age of Aviation (1919-1939) but will accept any type of aircraft to enable students to engage in hands on learning to build an understanding of materials and methods used in aircraft construction and introduce them to aviation and other STEM careers.


Racine - Horlick High School requests a plane that the students can learn aircraft mechanics and construction and once flight worthy, to start up a student pilot program.


Requests to start a Build A Plane project usually exceeds the number of airplanes donated. Build A Plane provides guidance to help each school promote their need for an aircraft in local and social media, and the Build A Plane website and e-newsletter.
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