Donate a Plane

  • To donate your aircraft, fill out and submit the online form below. You will be contacted by Build A Plane soon after we receive your form.
  • Build A Plane will match your aircraft with a school or educational aviation organization in your geographical region.  When we find a match, the school or organization representative will contact you to ask questions and arrange for pick-up of your aircraft.
  • Donors who donate an aircraft to Build A Plane will receive a tax receipt from an IRS recognized tax-exempt organization. You may confirm Build A Plane’s tax status by calling the IRS (toll-free) at 1-877-829-5500.
  • The law does not allow Build A Plane to determine the value of your donation. That is the responsibility of you, the taxpayer.
  • Donations valued at $5000 or more need an aircraft appraisal to support the assigned value. Here is the website for the National Aircraft Appraisers Association.
  • Build A Plane encourages all aircraft donors to work closely with an accountant or trained tax advisor.
The Internal Revenue Service publishes information to guide a taxpayer through a charitable donation. Aircraft donors will find the following websites valuable:
You may examine Build A Plane’s IRS 990 tax returns at

Aircraft Donation Form

Your tax receipt will be made out according to the information above.




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Are you interested in making a tax deductible contribution toward the cost of transporting your aircraft donation in order to start this new Build A Plane project?

(please check every box that applies):

Please use the lines below to describe your aircraft donation to the best of your ability. For example, if it’s a kit airplane, please describe the complete work. Include complete information about what your donation includes (engine, instruments, canopies, tires tools, extra supplies etc). Feel free to include an additional page if the space below is not sufficient.

Upon receipt of your information, Build A Plane will immediately begin the process of matching your donation with a high school or other interested group.

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