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Build A Plane student

Build A Plane student

Announcement: Build A Plane will not be hosting a Teachers' Day at Air Venture in Oshkosh this year. Hope to see you there next year.

What is
Build A Plane?

Build A Plane is an IRS-approved 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization working in formal partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration and many other organizations to promote aviation and aerospace education.

Build A Plane solicits aircraft donations then regifts those aircraft to schools. Aircraft donors are given tax receipts for their charitable contribution of aircraft and Build A Plane gives these aircraft to schools at no charge. Donated aircraft range from the simplest kit aircraft to larger, multi-engine certified planes.

Once an aircraft is donated, it becomes property of the school and Build A Plane has no further claim to that airplane.

Build A Plane does not make financial contributions to any of its projects, but does have relationships with numerous organization and suppliers which offer schools deep discounts on a variety of materials and services.

Teachers and students involved in building or restoring an airplane tell us these projects are exceptional in providing real-world opportunities for young people to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Naturally Build A Plane projects jumpstart a strong interest in aviation and aerospace. Many students who participate in Build A Plane programs go on to become pilots, aviation technicians or students on aviation/aerospace career paths.

Build A Plane also works closely with software giant PTC to help promote the Real World Design Challenge, a nationwide competition where students use computer-aided design software to create ‘greener’ aircraft. To date Build A Plane has arranged for the donation of millions of dollars worth of CAD software to schools across the country.

View Build A Plane’s IRS 990 Tax Returns:

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