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Build A Plane student

Build A Plane student

Advisory Board

Micheal Bremner
Chief Marketing Officer
Mach One Aviation

Jack Pelton
Former Chairman & CEO
Cessna Aircraft Company

Peter Bunce
President & CEO
General Aviation Manufacturers Association

Ed Bolen
President & CEO
National Business Aviation Association

Bruce Landsberg
AOPA Air Safety Foundation

Mikael Via
President & CEO
Glasair Aviation

Burt Rutan
President Emeritus
Scaled Composites

Matthew Desch
Chairman & CEO
Iridium Satellite

Dr. Tim Smith
Frankfort High School Aviation Academy

James Irwin
President & CEO
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty

Anthony Fowler
U.S. Department of Education

Patty Wagstaff
Three-Time U.S. National Aerobatic Champion

Ron Kaplan
National Aviation Hall of Fame

James Brough
National Aviation and Space Education Program Manager
Federal Aviation Administration

Jamail Larkins
Federal Aviation Administration Ambassador

Lauretta Godbey
Vice President
Avemco Insurance Company

Lisa Senior
Electronic Order Fulfillment Corp

Martha Jones
Executive Claims Examiner
Aviation LS