What Is Build A Plane

A Non-Profit Organization

Build A Plane is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting aviation and aerospace by giving young people the opportunity to build real airplanes. Aircraft construction and restoration is not only exciting, but also provides a real-world application for learning science, technology, engineering and math.

Build A Plane solicits aircraft donations then re-gifts those aircraft to schools at no charge. Donated aircraft range from the simplest kit planes to larger, multi-engine aircraft.

Over 300 airplanes placed

Build A Plane has placed over 300 airplanes in schools and youth aviation clubs throughout the United States and in several other countries. In addition to being a unique and exciting vehicle for STEM education, Build A Plane can jumpstart a strong interest in aviation and aerospace. A surprising number of students who participate in Build A Plane programs go on to pursue higher education to become pilots, engineers, technicians or any number of aviation/ aerospace careers. Build A Plane programs really do make a difference!

How to request a donated aircraft

To start a Build A Plane project, fill out and submit the “Start a Project” form.  When an airplane in your geographical area is donated and you agree to accept that plane, Build A Plane will begin arrangements for the aircraft to be moved to your school.

Build A Plane does not provide funding to relocate the aircraft, purchase tools or any parts or accessories. Once ownership of the plane is transferred to your school, Build A Plane relinquishes any claim to the aircraft . The school now owns the airplane.


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