Kids Learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by Building Real Airplanes

  • Over 300 airplanes placed in schools and youth aviation clubs throughout the United States and in several other countries.

  • Many students who participate in Build A Plane programs go on to pursue aviation and aerospace careers.


    An opportunity for students to build a high performance, high power rocket!

  • The rocket comes in an easy to assemble premanufactured kit and delivers world class performance

  • A unique, leading edge, true high tech STEM education project to motivate students toward higher education.

Donate a Plane

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Start a Build a Plane Project

INSTRUCTIONS: If you have questions or need assistance in completing the form, please email the Build A Plane Headquarters at pam@buildaplane.org. You can expect individual attention by way of telephone and email. We are excited to help you in any and every way we can. The process can not begin until we have received your paperwork. Thank […]

Start a Build a Rocket Project

Are you interested in learning more about the Build A Rocket kit and program? Fill out the form below to request information.

Getting Started with Build A Plane

Donate a Plane and Get a Tax Deduction

Build A Plane solicits aircraft donations then re-gifts those aircrafts to schools at no charge. We accept all kinds of aircraft from kits to complete airplanes that need to be re-built or re-furbished. Aircraft donors are given tax receipts for their charitable contribution.

    What is Build A Plane

    Build A Plane is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting aviation and aerospace by giving young people the opportunity to build real airplanes. Aircraft construction and restoration is not only exciting, but also provides a real-world application for learning science, technology, engineering and math.

      What is Build A Rocket

      Build A Rocket is a new program giving schools across the United States an opportunity to build a high performance, high power 18' rocket. The rocket comes in an easy to assemble premanufactured kit and delivers a leading edge, high tech STEM education project to motivate students toward higher education.

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          Help Find Neglected Airplanes for Donation

          Virtually every airport in America has them. Those airplanes with the flat tires, the bird’s nests, and no one can remember when last they flew. You can help Build A Plane find a potential project plane for a school by taking a look at your local airport for these types of aircraft.

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          Project Requests

          Take a look at the schools requesting a donated aircraft for a Build A Plane project. While requests to start a Build A Plane project usually exceeds the number of airplanes donated, Build A Plane provides guidance to help each school promote their need for an aircraft in local and social media, and the Build A Plane website and e-newsletter.

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          GAMA/Build A Plane Design Challenge

          The first 100 schools to register for the GAMA/Build A Plane Aviation Design Challenge each January, receive “Learn to Fly” curricula, which comes with flight simulation software powered by X-Plane. Teachers guide students through the science of flight and airplane design, completing the curricula in approximately six weeks.

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          Promoting Aviation and Aerospace Education

          Build A Plane works in formal partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration and many other organizations to promote aviation and aerospace education.

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